🐧Using Your Genesis Penguins In Gate Of Abyss

Genesis Penguins are powerful companions that can fight alongside you or can be sent on adventures to fight Chthonians on your behalf, bringing back loot for you to keep.

Accessing Your Genesis Penguin NFTs In Gate Of Abyss

To access your Genesis Penguins in the game, a wallet containing your Genesis Penguins must be linked to your GOA App account. Your GOA App and Game accounts must also be linked.

In the GOA game, your connected wallet will load up your precious Genesis Penguins.

Learn more about how to connect your wallet to your GOA App account here.


Our decision to configure the blockchain wallet exclusively within the GOA App is motivated by two crucial factors: security and user-friendliness.

By keeping the wallet configuration outside of the game client, we enhance the integrity of our backend systems.

Additionally, this approach caters to both Web2 players, who may not be familiar with or interested in blockchain technology, and Web3 enthusiasts, who eagerly embrace the blockchain universe and its exciting possibilities.

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