Convert Blockchain Gin to In-Game

Here are the steps to convert blockchain Gin to in-game Gin for use in Gate of Abyss.

Please note that for now, you are unable to convert in-game Gin to blockchain Gin.

1. Ensure You Have Gin In The Right Wallet

To convert your blockchain Gin for use in-game, you will need to have your Gin in the wallet in the same wallet that is linked to your GOA App account.

Your GOA App account and Game Accounts must also be linked up.

Instructions and more information on account linking.

2. Switch Your Wallet To The BNB Chain

Ensure your wallet is connected to the BNB Chain.

3. Open The GOA App

Head to and log into your account.

4. Navigate To "Convert Gin"

Click on your profile and select "Convert Gin" in the dropdown menu.

5. Enter Gin Amount

Enter the amount of Gin that you wish to convert.

6. Choose BNB OR Ethereum

Choose the appropriate option depending on which network your Gin is currently on.

7. Approve Transaction

Approve the transaction on your wallet. Gas fees are required for the conversion.

8. Enjoy Playing

Your Gin can now be used in Gate of Abyss!

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