Current Buildings

In the Gate of Abyss world, you will encounter a few buildings when travelling around. Find out about the nature of each building type below.


Shops are either game-generated or player built. You can purchase Potions, Ether, Elixirs, Gold, as well as a variety of Gear such as weapons or armor from these shops. The Gear stock is randomly generated and refreshed, so you may find a different set of gear on sale each day.

The level of the Gear that's sold is stated beside the name, and the stat attributes are randomized and only made known once purchased.

How To Build Shops

On the bottom left side of the screen of your normal UI, there is a hammer icon labelled "build". Click on it and select shop (indicated by the potion icon). Find an appropriate and unoccupied space on the land and build. Shops cost a mixture of gold, gin, and materials to build.

Wandering Dealer

Wandering Dealers can be found scattered around the Gate of Abyss world. These randomly generated merchants sell a mix of materials and chests. Their stock can vary from day to day. Some of these materials might be sought out by players who need them to build shops or upgrade weapons.


Outposts are objectives that you can capture to increase your daily income. When captured, you will passively receive gold each day. The total amount of gold you will receive from this feature is added up and indicated as "Daily Income" under your username and vitals.

To capture an outpost, you will have to defeat the Chthonian guarding it. To enter into combat, click on the outpost and press "Attack" when you are ready. The Chthonian's level is indicated when you click into the outpost. Use that as a power gauge to determine if you are ready to take on the battle. Once successfully defeated, you will gain control of the Outpost.


Dungeons are your access to competitive wave based gameplay that resets weekly. The higher number of waves you defeat the stronger the monsters get. There is a completely random assortment of all the mobs available to battle in the game in the dungeons, which adds a unique chance to learn their weaknesses. There is also a leaderboard for the strongest players to battle it out for the weekly reset rewards.


Blacksmith buildings are incredibly useful for numerous reasons. Everything from Upgrading gear for more powerful stats, Fusing gear for increasing rarity, and even breaking down old unwanted gear for materials.

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