🛒How To Buy Land

Land sale is now live on our Gate of Abyss App.

Where & How?

Land sales take place on our Gate of Abyss App. Our marketplace offers a variety of convenient payment options for you to choose from, including credit/debit cards. As we accommodate both blockchain and non-blockchain users, the land plots you purchase are in the form of Soft-NFTs. You can convert or mint your land plots into NFTs on the Ethereum Mainnet blockchain anytime and we will not charge fees for the conversion; landowners will only have to pay for the gas fees required in order to perform the transaction on the Ethereum network. Only the landowner has the ability to convert their soft-NFT land plot to an NFT.

You do not need a crypto wallet to buy GOALAND, since we're issuing it in the form of a soft-NFT. Even as soft-NFTs, landowners will still enjoy earning passive income from in-game transactions. If you decide to convert your GOALAND into an NFT, you can trade it on marketplaces such as OpenSea. Landowners are free to price their land as they desire, with no restrictions.


For 1 land plot or more = $100 per land*

For 10 land plots or more = $50 per land*

For 100 land plots or more = $20 per land*

*First come first serve availability. Prices in US$.


We accept payment via:

  • Credit/Debit card

  • Ethereum (ETH) on the ETH Mainnet

  • You can utilize Land Credits to redeem your land plots

Land Credits

If you are looking to enjoy the bulk purchase discounts, but you're still undecided on the exact land plots to own, you should consider purchasing land credits. With credits, you can redeem land plots whenever you want, and you can focus on getting your preferred land locations.

1 land credit = 1 land plot

You can register an account on the Gate of Abyss App and purchase land credits now.

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