Gate of Abyss
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Web3 Gaming

The Future Of Gaming

Gate of Abyss is a mobile game that utilizes blockchain technology. Blockchain allows digital assets (in the form of NFTs and cryptocurrency) to be individually identified and owned by individual players. This gives players true ownership and control over their game assets, enabling them to transact individual game items and monetize them.
Gate of Abyss is designed for players without prior knowledge or experience in blockchain, and we make it seamless for these players to adopt NFTs & crypto. Web3 connection is optional, and the game is still as fun without any wallet connectivity.
Unlike many mobile games, Gate of Abyss is not a pay-to-win game. It is free to play and it’s completely the choice of players if they wish to acquire our NFTs, make in-game purchases, or buy our cryptocurrencies.

Digital Assets (Currency)

There are 2 in-game currencies in Gate of Abyss.


Gold is an in-game currency that can be obtained by playing the game. Players will be rewarded with Gold by completing quests, killing monsters and more. Gold can be used to purchase items, upgrade gears and construct buildings.

Gin (Cryptocurrency)

Gin (also known as $gin) is a cryptocurrency token that can be obtained by playing the game, buying from exchanges (centralized / decentralized), or earning through the staking of TipsyCoin. Players will be rewarded with Gin by completing quests, killing monsters and more. Gin can be used to purchase higher-end items, upgrade gears, construct buildings, procreation (breeding Opus Penguins), and more. Gin is generally harder to obtain in-game as compared to Gold, but it enhances overall gameplay and character progression.

Digital Assets (NFT & Non-NFT)

There are both NFT and non-NFT assets in Gate of Abyss. Assets include gear (weapons and armor), companions and land plots.

NFT vs Non-NFT Assets

All assets you obtain from the game are non-NFTs. NFT assets can only be purchased from our marketplace (coming soon) and have a limited supply, since NFTs are individually identifiable through the blockchain. Players are able to trade NFT assets outside of the game since NFT assets can be monetized. Non-NFT assets can only be sold in-game.
It is important to know that NFT assets are not necessarily more powerful than non-NFT assets. In fact, they can be parallel in terms of power level. For example, a rare NFT sword and a rare non-NFT sword could have a similar power level.
The main appeal of NFT assets are its aesthetic uniqueness, exclusivity and limited supply.