In-Game Benefits

If your land plots are tied to your game account, you will automatically enjoy in-game benefits to enhance your gaming experience.

For a start, do ensure that your GOA app account is linked to your game account.

Tiered Land Rewards

Players will enjoy increased gear drop rates in the game based on how many land plots they own. These benefits are tiered according to the table below. If you own 260 land plots, for example, you will enjoy the Tier V benefits of a 7% increase in drop rates, granting you a higher chance of obtaining useful gear in the game.

Your current tier is displayed in the GOA app under "My Assets". You can navigate here via the dropdown menu displayed when you click your profile name.

Teleporting To Your Land Plot

If you own a land plot, and your GOALAND account has been linked to your game account, you can teleport to your land plots at any time in the game.

This feature helps landowners who might wish to build on their land plots but are unable to physically travel there. Teleporting to your land plots can also be useful for players looking to challenge different portals without having to travel.

To teleport to your land, click on your profile badge (the one that indicates your level). Next, select the land plot that you'd like to travel to by clicking on the arrow beside it. You will be teleported instantly.

To return to your live location, click on the back arrow icon below the global portal icon.

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