📈Dynamic Land Valuation

Dynamic Land Valuation Mechanism

From Q2 of 2023, the selling price of each land plot will be higher than US$100, and will be determined by its valuation. For land plots that are already owned, our valuation provides landowners an indication of how much their land is worth in real time.

All land plots will have a fixed starting price of US$100. The future valuation of land plots are determined by their statistics.

Data points that are tracked for each land plot include:

  • Number of buildings on that land plot.

  • Population density of the area.

  • Average daily transactions.

  • Total transactions occurring on that land plot.

  • Estimated daily income for the landowner.

  • Historical data.

For example, land plots with higher total transactions occurring on them will significantly increase in valuation. Also, valuation is correlated to the projected returns from owning the particular land plot, i.e. the higher the estimated daily earnings are of that land plot, the more income that particular landowner will receive, and therefore that land plot will boast a higher valuation.

The valuation tool in our marketplace will constantly track real-time data points and it dynamically recalibrates the worth of each land plot. With our sophisticated tracking tools, current and future land owners are able to get accurate insights and can make better informed decisions on their real estate investments.

Just as with traditional real estate, valuation of our land plots are expected to soar with the increasing players in Gate of Abyss. As player numbers grow, there will be increased demand for gears, items, and services from buildings, and landowners stand to be the ultimate beneficiaries.

Buying Land Fresh From Our Marketplace

Gate of Abyss is the first ever mobile game with such a concept, allowing anyone to enjoy real world income yields from virtual real estate. When first launched, all land plots, regardless of location, will have a starting valuation and price of US$100.

Land sales are ongoing and you can purchase a 400 meter X 400 meter land plot anywhere in the world that your heart desires, on a first come first serve basis. If you wish, you can purchase multiple plots of land. When Gate of Abyss launches and the game garners popularity, the value of your land plots are expected to skyrocket.

Trading Land Plots

Landowners can choose to sell their land plots anytime and for any price they desire. They can do so with ease on our marketplace (in an upcoming feature) or on secondary marketplaces such as OpenSea. Secondary market transactions are often based on a willing-buyer willing-seller approach, and landowners can choose to sell their land plots at a higher price than the current valuation.

The valuation tool in our marketplace will continue to track both owned and unowned land plots, so that existing and future landowners have access to reliable data and can make better investment decisions.

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