Best in Slot Equipment - Thief

This is the recommended BiS equipment for the Thief class - Guide by .Sczwt, with testing done by fr0sty3103.

I'd like to start off this Thief guide by saying that this class as a whole right now is as good as a two handed weapon in the game, which is...not very good. However, if you are still interested in building a thief in the hopes that they will one day become a powerhouse, please continue reading to get a good start with equipment as of this writing!

*This denotes a priority equipment upgrade at a Blacksmith. Minimum of 3 upgrades at the least. I'd stop at ~60% success rate unless you're rocking a 'God-Tier' gold item at the current max level, or a good 'Epic' purple item at the very least.

Exile Visor* - STR+DEX+SPD

  • Honestly no competition at this stage of the game as it benefits both strength and dexterity build thieves. STR scales basic attack damage, DEX is a main damage stat for thieves and affects both CRIT values by ~0.1 per point.


Any armor with VIT+DEX.

A 'filler' equipment, the main focus of the body armor will depend on your desired outcome

  • More CRI, CRD & Skill damage? - Then you'll go for armor that provides VIT+DEX. (Dex is what buffs the crit values and skill damage after the multiplier)

  • More mana & spell resistance? - Then you'll go for armor that provides VIT+SPI. (SPI buffs magic resistance and MP)

  • Really, no wrong choices here, but I'd personally go for VIT+DEX armors as thieves hit like a wet noodle, so they'll need every damage buff they can find! The amin deciding factor between similar VIT+DEX armors would be the attached sub-stats in this order of preference: SPD>DEX>STR>VIT>SPI>MP>HP


Two main options here,

Berserker's Leggings* - DEX+SPD

  • Berserker's leggings will no doubt be the best for this particular build, as you gain increased crit values as well as an increase to your SPD (SPD = more turns = more attacks per minute = more damage) & DEX (Scales skill damage)

Verchilean Leggings - VIT+DEX

  • These would be good for tanking hits, but I'm a firm believer of killing targets BEFORE they even get a chance to land a hit on you...don't need to tank damage if they're dead!


Klueno-085 - DMG+STR+CRD

  • Really not much competition besides the 'Stormfury Blaster', though I noticed that the Crit value for that is usually lower, so I'd go for the increased CRD of the Kleuno instead.

  • The main deciding factor between the Kleuno-085 and the Stormfury Blaster would be the CRD value and attacked sub-stats in this order of preference: SPD>DEX>STR>VIT>SPI>MP>HP


Renegar's Map* - STR+SPD

What? No Ragla's Chain?!? Well, in the current iteration of the game and with the accessories that we'll be using, there's no reason to go beyond 100% CRI, unless double or triple critting is possible in the future.

  • I would only use Ragla's Chain if you're below 50% or 60% CRI value. CRD is certainly good, but good luck ever using it if you're spending nearly every turn healing due to your lack of SPD and getting fewer opportunities to attack.


There is a few options for kitting out your thief with accessories:

2x Emery Trinklet* - CRI+CRD+VIT+SPD

2x Gunon - STR+CRD

  • If your CRI value is at 100% with just one Emery Trinklet, you can equip the other slot witha Gunon and get the best of both worlds!

  • In the event you do not have the above equipment, the Emery Trinklet can be substituted with a Circazalea, and the Gunon can be substituted with either the Ethinila or Pazx.


  • Blood Rage or Reckoning (Depends on your personal risk tolerance) or Gale (for mob clearing)

  • Nimble Stride

  • Fastest Fingers

  • Eagle Eyes (If still not at 100% CRI) -or-

  • Focus (if you ARE at 100% CRI)

With Blacksmith upgrades, CRI can go through the roof, easily past 100%, which is why Ragla's Chain is just overkill with this build.

Thieves gain stats in a 'jack of all trades' style at level up, raising STR, VIT, DEX and SPD, which might explain why they aren't the best class at the moment.

For a STR focused thief, a 1-1 copy of the Warrior Best in Slot Equipment build will suffice

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