Feature Expansions

Upcoming Updates & Releases

Gate of Abyss will be released on both Google & Apple stores in 2023, and will be constantly updated to keep you entertained.

As new features are introduced into the game, players get continued access to enjoyable experiences.

A Peek Into The Future

We're toying with the idea of special location based events to draw crowds to specific land plots, and we're exploring cross-promotion opportunities with real world businesses.

Let's take McDonald's as an example. A partnership with the fast-food chain could entail us spawning more powerful monsters at their locations, so more players would go to their stores to reap the greater rewards that come with defeating stronger monsters.

We even anticipate shopping malls wanting to work with Gate of Abyss to draw larger crowds. This will enable local businesses in the retail, F&B and hospitality sectors to flourish.

GOALAND Owners Are Winners

The biggest winners from these partnerships, however, are not the brands or the players - it's the landowners. With the crowd that we pull to our brand partners, the owners of the land plots around those physical stores in the game, will receive exponential returns.

How so? Because having additional players in the area will result in more transactions. Players will want to buy and sell weapons, armor and potions to maximize their chance of conquering those powerful monsters. This translates to higher passive income for landowners.

And beyond spawning really brutal monsters in locations near our brand partners, you can also look forward to our partners utilizing virtual properties in Gate of Abyss to launch virtual product campaigns, organize exciting events and deliver other unique customer experiences.

Future partnerships with Gate of Abyss will be designed to help businesses thrive, reward players, and benefit GOALAND owners, all at the same time.

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