Technical Specifications

A 1:1 Reflection Of The Real World

The land area and landscape of Gate of Abyss is mapped 1:1 to the map of Earth. Monsters are dominating our world at an unprecedented pace, and only those who are a part of the Gate of Abyss mission can put an end to these fearless mobs.

The entire world is divided into land plots of 400 meter x 400 meter in size (160,000 m2).

Land plots use real world GPS coordinates. The map of Gate of Abyss reflects actual street names of Earth. Players can still enjoy Gate of Abyss regardless of their ownership in land plots, although there are benefits to being a landowner.

Digital Asset

Landowners receive actual ownership of their real estate. Landowners can choose to hold their land for potential gain and receive continued income, or they can choose to sell them on secondary marketplaces at any time. Read more about soft-NFTs and NFTs, and how ownership of your land plots are documented on the blockchain.

Buy Anywhere

You have the freedom to purchase land plots anywhere in the world (including both land and water bodies), regardless of your location.

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