Best in Slot Equipment - Warrior

This is the recommended BiS equipment for the Warrior class - Guide by .Sczwt

Testing done by ckh002 and greeniechoo

Seeing as how there's not enough love for warriors, I'll introduce the right way to build them in this guide, highest damage and survivability in theory from what I've gathered, even basic attacks can hit ridiculous numbers comparable to a Mage spell if built correctly (Easily 50k without use of HP/MP just basic attacks). Thanks to their extreme survivability they excel in Endless Dungeons and come close to the performance of Mages in portals often placing top 5

Exile Visor - STR+DEX+SPD

  • Honestly No competition at this stage of the game STR - Main damage stat for warriors and scales with basic attack damage DEX - Affects both CRIT values by ~0.1 per point SPD - More actions = More damage/Heals


  • A "Filler" equipment, the main focus of the body armor will depend on your desired outcome More CRI & CRD - Then you'll go for armour that provides VIT+DEX (Dex is what buffs the crit values) More Mana & Spell Resistance - Then armour that provides VIT+SPI (Spi buffs magic resist and Mana) No wrong choices here, but I'd personally go for VIT+SPI armours as you'll be using your MP more than your health for skills plus it comes with added spell damage resistance

    The main deciding factor would be the attached Substats in this order of preference: SPD>STR>VIT>SPI>HP>MP>DEX


  • Berserker's Leggings - DEX+SPD

Here is where we get more in depth into stats as there's 3 variants we can go from this point -Crit Focus - Berserker's Leggings will no doubt be the best for this particular build as you gain increased crit values as well an an increase to your SPD (SPD = More turns = More APM = More damage)

  • Valor Chausses - Why this equipment you may ask? Well for one you get STR & VIT & Bonus MND. STR is always good for a warrior since STR is the main damage stat and would essentially increase your skill damage as well as your basic attacks. VIT provides physical damage resistance as well as increasing HP values, MND just gives your companion more "oomph" to their spells since they scale off you (More MND = More heals/Fire attack thing)

  • Verchilean Legggings - You get VIT+DEX (I already explained the stats above) This is more for a Crit focused tank, though not optimal imo

Special Mention

  • Archilum Trousers - You're really only going to be using this for the speed stat. HOWEVER, if using this somehow is able to bump your SPI to the 2500~3000 range then it would outperform the Berserker's Leggings, also more MP is always nice SPI increases magic/spell resistance so its essentially anti-meteorite when high enough

Main Hand

  • Klueno-085 - DMG+STR+CRD

Not much competition besides "Stormfury Blaster" though I noticed the Crit value for that is usually lower so I'd go for the SMG instead. The main deciding factor between the two would be the CRD value and attached Substats in this order of preference: SPD>STR>VIT>SPI>HP>MP>DEX You're borderline psychopathic if you use two-handed weapons

Off Hand

  • Renegar's Map* - STR+SPD

Why not Ragla's Chain? Well this is because of the accessories that we'll be using and there's absolutely no reason to go past 100% CRI unless double/triple critting is possible in future iterations of the game. Only use Ragla's Chain if you're below a 50-60% CRI value, CRD is definitely good but good luck ever using it if you're spending every turn healing due to your lack of speed(actions)

  • Devan Shield

Another excellent off hand equipment if you're not a META slave and want to go for the tanky route


  • 2xEmery Trinklet* - CRI+CRD+VIT+SPD

  • 2xGunon - STR+CRD

  • 1x Each - Only recommended when your CRI value is at 100% with just Emery Trinklet (Best of both worlds)

In the event you do not have the equipment above

  • Emery Trinklet can be substituted with Circazalea

  • Gunon can be substituted with Ethinila OR Pazx

With upgrades, CRI goes way through the roof easily past 100%. Hence why Ragla's Chain is just overkill with this build setup

Warriors gain increased stats for STR and VIT upon level up which gives us increased leeway on some equipment as we'll not require as much investments into these stats

*Entries marked are priority upgrades, Minimum of 3 upgrades at the least. I'd stop at 60% success rate unless you're rocking a god tier at the current max level or an epic at the very least

Orb Selection

  • Fury Breaker(Single Target) Polarity Surge(Mob Clear)

2 Turns of Fury Breaker(6x STR) provides better flexibility than 1x Divine Sacrifice(7.5X STR 60% HP loss) and 1x partial Heal in a round

  • Fury

  • Iron Skin

  • Endurance

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