📖Gate of Abyss Storyline

The Battle for our World!

Our planet, our home. As humanity reached new heights with technological advancements, we believed these marvels would simplify our existence on Earth and beyond. The dawn of Artificial Intelligence promised companionship and aid, as humanoid robots became commonplace in our daily lives. Large tech conglomerates equipped these AIs with every conceivable safeguard, mirroring the fantastical narratives of our favorite films. Yet, the calamity that ensued was beyond our control and unlike anything scripted in our wildest dreams.

Initially, these AI companions exhibited odd malfunctions—shutting down randomly, appearing distracted during routine activities. Most dismissed these glitches as trivial or resolved them with simple checkups and resets, attributing the issues to external interference. However, these were mere harbingers of a profound upheaval.

Then, without warning, the day that changed the world irrevocably arrived. Our AI companions ceased their tasks and congregated in trios across various open spaces—car parks, playgrounds, roadway intersections. Before our very eyes, portals tore through the fabric of our reality. As these gateways stabilized, the AIs we had integrated into our everyday lives stepped through them, vanishing into the void. What followed was a silence that brought upon a darker turn of events.

From these portals emerged entities alien and monstrous, later known as the Chthonians. Our once-thriving world plunged into chaos, as humanity grappled with the sudden invasion, a war for our very survival.

In the ensuing weeks, nations united, forming a formidable alliance. After months of grueling combat, this coalition claimed control over a portal. Commander Aargos, leading a special forces team, ventured through this portal into a barren alien landscape dotted with similar gateways and peculiar fauna.

Near their entry point, they discovered a dark crystal that seemed to fuel the portal. Hoping it could serve as a weapon against the invaders, Aargos seized the crystal, feeling an inexplicable surge of vitality—an assumed rush of adrenaline—and hastily retreated as the portal flickered out.

This dark crystal had unforeseen effects on Earth's flora and fauna. Humans exposed to it gained enhanced abilities—superhuman strength, agility, or even mystical powers capable of manipulating the natural elements. Conversely, it wrought havoc on the animal kingdom, causing grotesque mutations and uncontrollable aggression, except in rare instances.

An inspired alliance scientist, observing these phenomena, speculated on the potential effects of the crystal on a seemingly innocuous subject—a penguin at a nearby zoo. Dubbed Penguin Zero, this test subject exhibited extraordinary transformations, leading to the discovery of 'The Genesis Penguins.' These unique creatures became pivotal in our ongoing struggle.

As an enhanced soldier of the alliance, you are thrust into the heart of this apocalyptic conflict. Your mission: to repel the Chthonian forces, seal the portals they have spawned, and secure a future for humanity in a world teetering on the brink of annihilation.

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