Buildings Overview

Buildings like shops, blacksmiths, banks, dungeons, chemists, and more, help players progress in-game.

For instance, shops will generate items (weapons, armor, potions, etc.) for players to purchase, and players can sell items which they no longer need back to shops. Blacksmiths allow players to upgrade weapons, banks allow players to safeguard their assets (so that they do not risk losing them if they are defeated in a battle). Dungeons allow players to experience a series of demons while studying the specific weaknesses of each monster type and reaping unique rewards from defeating these mobs; Chemists enable players to brew potions that can aid them in battle.

There are different types of buildings in Gate of Abyss.

List Of Planned Buildings:

  • Shop

  • Blacksmith

  • Pub

  • Sanctum

  • Chemist

  • Workshop

  • Town Hall

  • Bank

  • Outpost

  • Dungeon

Differentiating Real-World Buildings From In-Game Buildings

Real-world buildings are mirrored onto the world map of Gate of Abyss because the game is a 1:1 reflection of Earth. But they are different from in-game buildings and in-game buildings will take prominence because those real-world buildings will appear subdued in the game map (and players cannot interact with them).

Private & Public Buildings

Buildings can be set either to:

Private - Only the building owner can view and access it. Public - Other Alliance members who are in the area can access the building - whether it is a shop (that sells items), a blacksmith (for upgrading gear), a chemist (to craft potions), etc.

Similarly, when players are on the move, they can access buildings built by other players (and which are publicly accessible) if they need to perform tasks such as replenish consumables, upgrade their gear, access the bank, fight in a dungeon, etc.

Requirements To Construct Buildings

Each type of building will require a specific combination of Gold / Gin / other materials like wood and stone to construct it. Gold and Gin can be accumulated while playing. Gin ($gin) is also a cryptocurrency which players can purchase, once it is listed on exchanges; Gin can also be earned through staking TipsyCoin.

Players have to be at a location (in real life) to construct buildings in that specific location, and they need the required combination of Gold / Gin / materials to build. Some types of buildings may require the player to reach a minimum level, before the player can build them.

Accessing Buildings

Because Gate of Abyss is a social game, we do not allow building-owners to only let certain people into their buildings, and exclude others. But we understand some players prefer a solo-gaming experience, so you can define your building to be private and other players will not be able to see or interact with it. But otherwise, all buildings are set to be publicly visible, and all players can access items and services that the building provides – for example, they can buy/sell items from shops, upgrade weapons in blacksmiths, craft potions in the chemists, etc. And as a building-owner, you will get a cut of all these transactions.

NPC Operated

All buildings are NPC operated, meaning that no work is required from the building owner to upkeep the building after it has been built. For example, shops generate items (weapons, armor, potions, etc.) for players to purchase, and players can sell items which they no longer need back to shops. Shops refresh occasionally with randomly generated items, so players can always check back for new stuff! As we strive to promote fair play mechanics and uphold a favorable gaming spirit, players can only sell in-game items to shops (and not to other players).

Receiving Income

If a building is set to be publicly visible, the building-owner will receive income when other players buy/sell products (such as from their shops) or pay for in-game services (such as during weapon upgrades in blacksmiths).

Besides earning a higher income by constructing more buildings, another reason for players to build more is to maximize their opportunities to secure exclusive items wherever they are! Since shops generate items randomly (and refresh occasionally), the more shops you build, the more likely you will be able to attain powerful weapons and gear. Players may also build shops at different locations – for example, around their home, close to their workplace, and even in the vicinity of their favorite café.


Players have to declare an area as their hometown (this will typically be where they spend the most time in).

Some buildings can only be built in a player's hometown, while others can be built anywhere.

Only one hometown can be declared at any time, and players can choose to change their hometown after a cooldown period.

Upgrading Buildings

Higher-level buildings dispense better gear and items which players will require in order to complete tasks.

Upgrades may cost Gold, Gin and/or materials.

Incentives For Constructing Buildings

For Building Owners

Buildings are useful for players to get access to various items (or skills, such as in workshops) that will aid them in battle. While buildings can be constructed by players, goods and services offered in these buildings are randomly generated by the system.

Building owners enjoy income arising from the transactions that occur in their buildings.

For Land Plot Owners

Owners of land plots will earn income based on transactions that happen within the buildings on their land plots.

Find out more about land plots in the next section.

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