Interacting With Land

Relationship between Landowners, Players & Buildings

Gate of Abyss is a location-based game, so you can only visit your land plot if you are physically in that location in real life. Similarly, you will have to be present in a location (in real life) to construct buildings in that corresponding location, in-game. But you can still buy GOALAND anywhere in the world through our web interface!

Landowners do not necessarily have to play Gate of Abyss – they will automatically receive their income in the form of Gin, and this will be reflected on their account through our web interface. So similarly, landowners do not have to construct buildings, since players are able to do this. Players have to be present at a certain location (in real life) to construct buildings in Gate of Abyss. They do not need consent from landowners, since buildings are beneficial to everyone in the ecosystem.

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