🪙Obtaining Gin

Gin ($gin) is an invaluable resource used for buildings and upgrades in Gate of Abyss. There are various ways to obtain Gin if you are looking to obtain more.

Earn Gin Through Gameplay

Gin may be earned by defeating Chthonians in game. There will be a chance of receiving Gin as a reward when defeating Chthonians in battle, and the chances of Gin dropping increases as you fight stronger enemies.

There are guaranteed Gin rewards if you are a top contributor when a Reaper is successfully defeated. These rewards can be seen when you click into a portal.

Buying Gin From Market (In-Game)

Gin can be bought from the Market as in-game purchases by accessing the "Market" icon in the general HUD. Gin is currently sold as Gin Packs containing 1,000 Gin. This in-game purchase can be paid with your credit card.

Earning Gin From Staking TipsyCoin

Gin can be earned by staking TipsyCoin ($tipsy), our native cryptocurrency. Depending on the amount of $tipsy you stake, you will earn a certain amount of Gin as a daily reward.

The Gin you earn from staking will exist as a cryptocurreny on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It will also be available on the Ethereum Mainnet in future.

You can then convert Gin you own on the blockchain to in-game Gin for use in Gate of Abyss.

Instructions and more information on staking TipsyCoin.

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