Gear can enhance the player's power by increasing their stats and granting special effects that will aid them in battle.

Gear can be attained through rewards, in-app-purchases, or they can be purchased from in-game shops and NFT marketplaces (including our marketplace, and also secondary marketplaces for assets sold by other players).

  • Head

  • Body

  • Legging

  • Main Hand

  • Off Hand

  • Accessory

Gear Types

Players can experiment with unique builds, combining different types of gear to figure out what works best with their class type.

However, some types of gear are required for certain attack skills, once the player has received a gear drop from a monster or chest, they will be able to equip it regardless the level of gear.


Players learn new skills by equipping skill orbs. Some types of gear unlock the use of special combat skills in addition to their base stats. In general, the rarer the gear and/or the higher its level, the more powerful it is.


Non-NFT gear can be sold by shops in-game, or they can be dismantled at the Black Smith. Dismantling gear generates useful raw materials, which in turn can be used to construct buildings, craft gear, or upgrading gear.


A piece of gear can be upgraded to improve its stats. Upgrade requirements vary according to each gear, but can cost Gold, Gin and/or materials.

Certain upgrades and enhancements are possible with access to buildings such as a blacksmith.


Gear exists in 5 rarities:

  • Poor (Grey)

  • Common (Green)

  • Rare (Blue)

  • Legendary (Purple)

  • Godlike (Gold)

NFT & Non-NFT Gear Types

In Gate of Abyss, there are both NFT and non-NFT gear types.

Players will have full ownership over their NFT gear, and they will be able to sell them on marketplaces like OpenSea.

Learn about the differences between NFT & Non-NFT Gears.

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