Minting Related Questions

How do I mint my GOALAND into an NFT?

Only land collections can be minted into NFTs. Individual land plots have to be placed inside a land collection in order to mint it. Only MetaMask wallets are supported at the moment.

  1. Ensure that the correct wallet is selected on your wallet app (MetaMask or Safepal) before proceeding

  2. Connect your GOA App account to your wallet (your wallet will be permanently linked to your GOA account after connecting for the first time, this action can only be done ONCE)

  3. Click on "Mint NFT" to initiate minting (once minted, you cannot add or remove land plots from the land collection until the release of our marketplace)

  4. Approve the transaction and pay the gas fee (ensure you have sufficient ETH in your wallet for gas)

  5. Please wait for minting to complete, DO NOT close or refresh the page (the duration for minting is dependent on the blockchain network traffic)

  6. If you encounter any issues with minting, please refer to Minting Issues

Should I mint my GOALAND?

Convert your GOALAND into an NFT by minting your land collection. By doing so, you can transfer or sell it to others. However, please note that once your land collection is minted as an NFT, you won't be able to add or remove any land plots from the minted land collection, until our marketplace launches. If you prefer to retain some flexibility in managing your land collection, keeping it as a non-NFT is an option.

Where can I buy or sell GOALAND?

You can buy or sell GOALAND NFTs on, a popular marketplace for buying, selling, and discovering NFTs.

How can I know the number of land plots contained in a GOALAND NFT?

The total number of land plots inside a GOALAND NFT is displayed right next to its name on

Can I view individual land plots inside a GOALAND NFT?

Yes, you can! Simply use our map viewer, which is accessible through the description text of the OpenSea listing. With our sophisticated map viewer, you can examine the location of each land plot within the GOALAND NFT.

Can I add or remove land plots from a GOALAND NFT after it's minted?

Currently, you cannot add or remove land plots from any GOALAND NFTs that have been minted. However, our future marketplace will allow you to trade individual land plots. In the meantime, we recommend keeping your land collection as a non-NFT if you need more flexibility in managing it.

Minting Issues

Minting is taking a very long time to complete, I'm stuck.

The minting process for GOALAND is subject to the performance of the underlying blockchain network, which can affect the speed and duration of the process. In most cases, minting a GOALAND NFT should be completed within five minutes or less. However, please note that during periods of high network congestion, minting may take longer than expected. If your minting process is not completed within 1 hour, we recommend refreshing the page and trying again.

What should I do if minting failed?

If your land collection fails to convert into an NFT, we recommend waiting for at least an hour before attempting to mint it again. This waiting period allows time for the transaction to be updated on the blockchain. Most likely, you won't need to pay the gas fee again if you've already paid the gas for the land collection which you attempted to mint.

What should I do if my question is not answered above?

If you're experiencing an issue that hasn't been addressed in our FAQ section, please contact us for further assistance. You can open a ticket in our Discord server or send an email to, and we'll be happy to help you navigate any challenges you face.

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