Monetizing Land

Real World Income Yields From Virtual Real Estate

Whenever players purchase items from shops or engage services from other buildings, the owner of the land plot where these shops and buildings are situated on receives an income. The income is generated passively, derived from X% of the value of all goods and services that are transacted on their land plot. The income is automatically distributed to the landowners.

Landowners can spend their income in-game or choose to cash it out to fiat. Landowners do not have to be players, and they will still receive their income automatically.

Income Methodology

As a landowner, the income you earn is from transactions carried out within the buildings located on your land plot, no matter who owns the building.

For example, there are 200 active players who reside around you and have set their hometown as such. Each of these players have built buildings on your land plot. Every time a transaction happens in any of these buildings, you automatically receive an income. And you will receive your income even if you don't play Gate of Abyss.

Gate of Abyss is the first ever mobile game with such a concept, allowing anyone to enjoy real world income yields from virtual real estate.

Buildings Are Important

Shops can offer a variety of gears, items, and services which are needed by players to sustain through the game.

Weapons, armor, and other situational gear enable players to fight mobs and bosses effectively, while potions can heal them from damage received during battles.

Wherever players go, they should look out for buildings that will allow them to upgrade their gear or replenish their inventory, so that they can continue the fight against the darkness relentlessly.

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Landowners Automatically Receive Income

Landowners receive their income in Gin ($gin), which is a cryptocurrency. Gin will be available both off-chain (to be used in-game), or on-chain (on the blockchain). Once Gate of Abyss launches in 2023, landowners will automatically and conveniently receive Gin as their income yields. Landowners can choose to spend their Gin in-game or cash it out to fiat, since it is a cryptocurrency. Gin has been audited successfully by Peckshield, a leading auditor.

Capital Gain

Once Gate of Abyss launches, each land plot will have a valuation. For land plots that are already owned, our valuation provides landowners an indication of how much their land is worth.

Each plot of land has its own stats which will determine its valuation. Stats include data such as: total daily transactions on the land, number of buildings on the land, and more.

Landowners can choose to hold on to their land plots which will appreciate in value, so that they can continue receiving income. If landowners choose to sell their land plots, they can do so with ease through our marketplace or secondary marketplaces such as OpenSea.

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