Protecting The World From Chaos

Dark creatures invade the realms of Gate of Abyss by gushing out of portals which are scattered globally.

Players will encounter such monsters everywhere, while playing the game.

To put an end to it all, The Alliance appeals for the combined effort of players to travel around and shut these portals.


These terrifying creatures exist in a mix of shapes and sizes, and can be found in every corner of the world map.

In order for players to take them down, it is important to understand their strengths and weaknesses. Some of these daunting monsters might be quelled easily with magic, while others can only be defeated with brute strength.

Players can initiate combat with these mobs by interacting with them in the world map.

Rewards vary according to the level and type of mob that the player defeats.

Greater Mobs & Chieftains

Besides regular mobs, there are Greater Mobs and Chieftains that are stronger and harder to conquer.


As a member of The Alliance, your main duty is to shut down the portals that are manifesting in the Gate of Abyss dimension. These portals are visible in the world map.

Each portal has a difficulty rating according to how hard it is to close it. Each portal is ferociously guarded by a Reaper.

To begin the process of destroying a portal, a player needs to approach the physical location of the portal as represented in-game. They can then initiate this portal, where a Reaper will appear to defend the portal to its death.

Collective Fighting

Once the portal is initiated, the Reaper can be seen and engaged with by other players in the area.

Any player that deals damage to the Reaper contributes towards killing it.

To fight effectively, players may choose to form a party or rally their guild to carry out a coordinated attack on the Reaper. Party members do not need to be physically present and can join the fight from any location they are in.

Time Limit

Once a portal is engaged, players will have 24 hours to defeat the Reaper in order to destroy the portal successfully.

A player can continuously fight the Reaper to slowly take it down but if they die halfway, they are subject to a cooldown before being able to engage with the Reaper again.

If the Reaper is not defeated in exactly 24 hours after the portal has been initiated, the Reaper would have its health reset, and the player would need to initiate the portal again.


Closing portals will offer players a hefty bounty depending on the difficulty rating of that portal and its Reaper type.

All players who partake in the fight will receive a share of the prize pool once the portal is closed. Rewards could include Gold, Gin, materials, and non-NFT assets such as gear and other items.

The amount of rewards each player receives is proportionate to how much damage they deal.

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