True Ownership

Legitimate Real Estate

Gate of Abyss is a mobile game that utilizes blockchain technology. Blockchain allows digital assets (in the form of NFTs and cryptocurrency) to be individually identified and owned by individual players. This gives landowners true ownership and control over their land plots, enabling them to sell their land plots at any point in time without any constraints, and almost instantaneously.


Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are cryptographic assets on a blockchain with unique identification codes and metadata that distinguish them from each other. Therefore, land plots are legitimate real estate and each one is unique, bound by its own specific set of GPS coordinates. Land plots do not overlap with each other and there can only be one landowner per land plot at any time. Landowners own and keep their land plots forever, unless they choose to sell them.


Since weโ€™re geared for mass adoption (accommodating non-blockchain users), land plots are sold in the form of soft-NFTs, and landowners can convert or mint them into NFTs on the Ethereum Mainnet blockchain. This can be done anytime, and we will not charge fees for the conversion; landowners will only have to pay for the gas fees required in order to perform the transaction on the Ethereum network.

As soft-NFTs, you do not need a crypto wallet to buy GOALAND. Payment can be made conveniently, through credit cards. We make it easy for anyone whoโ€™s interested to own virtual land and even as soft-NFTs, landowners will still enjoy earning passive income from in-game transactions. As NFTs, GOALAND can be freely traded on marketplaces (such as OpenSea). Landowners are free to price their land as they desire, with no restrictions.

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