Portals are proliferating all over the world, causing mayhem as evil creatures trickle out of them.

As a player in Gate of Abyss, you are a member of The Alliance, a mighty organization formed as a last line of defense against the chaos and darkness that is quickly ripping the world apart.

Travel around and close these portals to end the destruction, but be wary of Reapers that viciously guard each portal.

Location-Based RPG Mobile Game

Gate of Abyss is a location-based RPG game available on Google store & Apple TestFlight.

Gate of Abyss reflects a parallel dimension of Earth. GPS is used to determine a player's location, and players explore this dimension by travelling around physically with their mobile phones.

Day and night is reflected by the time zone of the player's location, and the game map distinguishes between features such as land and water bodies.

Gameplay Elements

Travel around to complete quests, fight to grow stronger, and construct buildings to support The Alliance on their missions.


Roam around solo or with friends, in real life, to complete quests assigned to you. You will encounter mobs that reside only in specific areas, as you seek hidden treasures and special quests that drop unique rewards.

As you travel the world, take control over territories and spread your influence.


Defend the world by killing monsters and destroying portals, or take part in PvP arenas where you can hone your skills in competitive battles against other Alliance members.

As you gain experience, you grow stronger and learn new skills along the way, allowing you to perform better in the fight against darkness.


Construct buildings that will support you and your fellow Alliance members in defending the world. Buildings such as shops, blacksmiths, chemists, and more, are built on the real world map of Earth, but are only visible in the Gate of Abyss dimension.

Set your hometown where you wish to reside and establish a town hall to support your citizens.

Become A Landowner

Those who seek to be trailblazers would want to own plots of land. Landowners will earn income based on transactions that happen on their land plots.

Land plots are 400m x 400m in size (160,000 m2), emulating the world map of Earth, and each land plot can only have one owner at a time.

Read about how land plots work, and how to buy land.

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