Items can be used in various instances, including the use of potions to heal, potions which offer enhancements, materials used for upgrading gears and buildings, spell orbs for players to learn specific skills and access keys to enter certain areas and fights.

Items can be attained from drops, or bought through in-game shops or in-app-purchases.

  • Consumables

  • Materials

  • Skill/Spell Orbs

  • Keys

  • Special Items


Consumables can be used in combat and out of combat to restore HP and Mana, cure debuffs, or provide buffs for players and members of their party.

They can commonly be bought from in-game shops.


Materials are special resources that can be dropped from mobs, gathered from certain buildings, obtained as rewards from boss raids, or received after dismantling gear which a player no longer needs.

Certain materials can also be bought from in-game shops.

Skill/Spell Orbs

Skill/Spell Orbs are magical stones that are able to imbue a player with special capabilities.

Orbs can be purchased from in-game shops and rare merchants that are found randomly around the world map. Orbs are only available in limited quantities.


Keys grant players access to special places and events. Certain bosses that drop exclusive rewards are only available to players who use a key.

Keys can be received when players finish quests, kill mobs, complete events, or they can be bought through in-game shops or in-app-purchases.

Special Items

Some special items can grant players temporary boosts and enhancements to increase their power levels.

Premium Items

Gate of Abyss is a free-to-play game. Players can solely rely on accruing in-game currencies and spending them to progress, without the need to spend fiat. However, premium items such as weapons and armor are NFTs. These can be purchased with fiat or crypto on our marketplace, and they look super cool! As we steer away from the โ€œpay-to-winโ€ approach, premium items (NFTs) offer a nominal boost to playerโ€™s stats, and players will still have to meet the minimum level requirements to equip their premium items. Premium items are limited in supply and are extremely exclusive.

Players can sell their premium items (NFT assets) on secondary marketplaces such as OpenSea. Our integrated marketplace also allows for players to list their premium items for sale โ€“ this feature will be released in the near future!

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