Benefits Of Having A Land Collection

1. Save On Gas When Minting A Land Collection

When buying multiple GOALAND plots, you can create a Land Collection (Soft-NFT). You can then mint your GOALAND plots all at once, into a single Land Collection (NFT). Your Land Collection (NFT) is a single NFT, and the minting process is simply 1 transaction taking place on the blockchain network, enabling you to save on gas fees, as compared to you having to mint each GOALAND plot individually.

2. Organize Your Land Plots

Organize your GOALAND plots easily by grouping them into specific collections. You can create collections to represent cities, different themes (eg: skyscrapers, deserts, oceans) or even collections that represent an estate that is sentimental to you & your family! You can name your Land Collection(s) accordingly so that they can be easily identifiable, instead of individual GOALAND plots being identified by their geocoordinates. Eg: If you own these 29 GOALAND plots covering Tokyo Disneyland, instead of having them as individual plots, you can group them together into a single Land Collection and name it "Tokyo Disneyland".

3. Great For Marketing

Owning multiple land plots centered around a certain theme or location and then grouping them into Land Collections makes it attractive for potential buyers. When listing your Land Collection (NFT) for sale on marketplaces, having it aptly named will allow potential buyers to search for their desired Land Collection easily. You could market these Land Collections (NFT) creatively and even price it at a premium!

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