Gate of Abyss

WalletConnect - Desktop

Step 1: Navigate to in your web browser (Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox preferred)

Step 2: Click "CONNECT WALLET"

Step 3: Click "WalletConnect"

A QR code will be used for the connection

Step 4: Scan the QR code with your preferred wallet app on your phone (Commonly used: Trust Wallet or Safepal)

Trust Wallet: Settings > WalletConnect > New Connection

SafePal: Click on the top right icon to scan

Step 5: Confirm connection

Trust Wallet: Click on "Connect"
SafePal: Click on "Agree"

Step 6: Your wallet is now connected

Disconnecting Your Wallet

Step 1: Clear DApp / Browser Cache

Please note that other DApp connections will be cleared as well.
Trust Wallet: Settings > Preferences > DApp Browser > Clear Browser Cache
Safepal: Settings > Clear DApp Cache