Gate of Abyss

MetaMask - Mobile

Step 1: In your MetaMask App, ensure you are connected to BNB/Binance Smart Chain

Click on "Wallet" at the top center and select "Binance smart chain" from the network list

Step 2: Open the menu panel and click on "Browser" to open the MetaMask Browser

Step 3: In the MetaMask Browser search box, navigate to

Enter into the search box.

Step 4: Click "CONNECT WALLET" and select MetaMask

Step 5: Confirm connection

Step 6: Your wallet is now connected

Disconnecting / Changing Your Wallet

Step 1: In the MetaMask in-app browser, navigate to

Step 2: Click on the top right icon to see connected account

Step 3: Disconnect wallet (iOS)

Click on "Permissions"
Click on "Disconnect"

Step 3: Change wallet (Android)

Select another wallet to change